Managing Your Digital Life Just Got Easier

At Elifa, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate life’s journeys digitally while planning for the future and creating a legacy.

You have a story to tell and we want to help you preserve it.

Securely store all your important documents in your own private digital vault so they’re a few clicks away when you need them.  You can also securely share them your loved ones in case of emergency but you always have full control over what you share and with whom.

Here's a sneak peek at the kinds of documents you can store in your vault

About Us

Elifa offers a secure digital vault and information management platform for efficient life planning and legacy preservation. Our user-friendly service enables secure storage and organisation of crucial documents like wills, birth certificates, and medical directives, with access to expert guidance for comprehensive end-of-life and legacy planning.

Elifa is a human company run by passionate people who care. Let us help you make the most of every moment, while ensuring a secure future and a cherished legacy.

Our Founder and CEO was inspired to create the company after experiencing the challenges of managing end-of-life arrangements for a loved one without prior knowledge of their wishes. This personal journey fuelled her determination to transform how individuals plan for life’s inevitable transitions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to seize life’s moments, take ownership of their future, and preserve their legacy through our secure digital vault and platform.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a society where intentional endoflife and legacy planning is a lifestyle.

Core Values

Respect Legacy planning can be a sensitive conversation and we understand that.

Accessibility The fruits of your labour should amount to something  we make the tools to help you immortalise your life’s achievements available to all.

Safety Your digital privacy and security is our priority.

Connection We believe that the greatest joy in life comes from sharing it with those you love.

Inclusivity We want to level the playing field and put everyone on an equal footing.

Simplicity We make things easy for you to understand and easy for you to use.

Security and Privacy from the Ground Up


Security is very important to us and is built into everything we do. We also provide you with tips and tools to help you secure your digital life.


Your privacy is our priority: We implement stringent measures to safeguard your personal information, ensuring it is only used as you intended it.

Zero Knowledge

Only you and the people you choose to share your vault with know what’s in it. We have zero access to and zero knowledge of the contents of your vault.

Industry Compliance

We diligently adhere to the latest security compliance standards, ensuring we follow industry best practices to ensure you are protected.

Our Team

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